2nd International Wheat Congress—Plenary Speeches and Closing Ceremony

2022 · 09 · 15 16:30
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The International Wheat Congress (IWC) was merged from two original wheat international conferences — the International Wheat Genetics Symposium and the International Wheat Conference. IWC is a biennial event and the 1st IWC was held in July 2019 in Saskatoon, Canada. The 2nd IWC was planned for 2021 in Beijing, but was delayed to 2022 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.国际小麦大会(IWC)是由两个最初的小麦国际会议——国际小麦遗传学研讨会和国际小麦会议合并而成的。IWC是两年一度的赛事,第一届IWC于2019年7月在加拿大萨斯卡通举行。第二届国际捕鲸委员会计划于2021年在北京举行,但由于COVID-19大流行,被推迟到2022年。

The theme of the 2nd IWC is “Future Wheat: Resilience and Sustainability” and will provide excellent opportunities for participants from around the world to share the latest progress and to develop recommendations for future wheat in terms of research, technology, and transfer. A hybrid form of on-site lectures and online broadcast will be adopted.第二届国际小麦大会的主题是“未来小麦:恢复力和可持续性”,将为来自世界各地的与会者提供极好的机会,以分享最新进展,并就未来小麦的研究、技术和转让提出建议。采用现场授课与网络直播相结合的形式。

The Thematic Areas of 2nd IWC are:


(1) Diversity, evolution and germplasm;


(2) Triticeae genome structure and functional genomics;


(3) Breeding and new technologies;


(4) Crop management under climate change;


(5) Biotic and abiotic resistance and physiology;


(6) Processing quality, nutrition, and human health。